Penang’s Accolades


  • Top 31 Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) – locations of the future (KPMG’s “Exploring Global Frontiers” Report 2009)
  • Top 8 islands in the world ‘You must see before you die’ (Yahoo! Travel, Feb 2011)
  • Top 10 dynamic industrial cluster locations in the world to have demonstrated a successful manufacturing experience among developing economies (UNIDO Industrial Development Report 2009)
  • The 8th most livable cities in Asia (ECA Intl. 2012)
  • C.A.T. Governance praised for anti-corruption efforts (Transparency International, AG Report 2010)
  • Top in Green initiatives in MalaysiaTop 10 best city to visit in the world (The Guardian 2014)
  • Top culinary spot (Lonely Planet 2014)Top 15 best street art in the world (The Guardian 2013)
  • Georgetown – UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008

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